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Five MinUte SYMPHONY (5m)


First, fully online recording system on the market! Most cost effective solution of today! Record with a major Czech orchestra for insanely low rate. Pick services you only need. Designed especially for (but not limited to) low-costs projects, promotional and educational purposes.



Example of use

- low cost (independent) movies, computer or video games
- singles (CD)
- educational or promotional purposes

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Do you demand nothing less than top-notch quality without any limitations? Consider our default, HQ all-in recording package.

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Any configuration within the FULL symphony:

woodwinds (8) [2-2-2-2]
brass (11) [4-3-3-1]
percussion (3) [timp + 2]
harp (1)
strings (41) [12-10-8-6-5]

Recording technology available:

- 24 bit, 44.1/48/96 kHz stereo (Decca tree or surround 5.1)
- possibility of clicktrack

Input/output files acceptable:

- for orchestration: MIDI or Sibelius
- for music preparation/copying: PDF or Sibelius
- for clicktrack: MIDI + MP3 or wave file (background)
- final deliverables: wave files


No more secrets, no more tricks!
Configure, order, and pay online!

terms & conditions

1. Orders are processed immediately
- no later changes in configuration/music
- no refunds
2. CMP reserves the right to fix the recording date according with the orchestra availability
3. Client agrees to supply CMP with source files/orchestral material in requested quality/format and in time; if the orchestral material (parts and score) will be supplied by client and physically, use any express parcel service company
4. Participation in the 5M program does not share/qualify for HQ bonus programs and benefits