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CMP offer all it’s clientele an exclusive, all-in service with no hidden or additional costs. This way, music preparation, orchestration, or even arrangement can be available to your production absolutely free!

recording live concert composition
orchestration orchestration arrangement
music preparation music preparation, or,
music hire
audio/MIDI transcription audio/MIDI transcription HQ MOCKUPS, OR, music preparation

How does it work?

Choose the service required within a column, and every service below it will be available to you for free!

Example #1: you are looking for the RECORDING. This is our PLATINUM service within the first column. Every service below - i.e. GOLD orchestration, SILVER music preparation, and finally, WHITE midi/audio transcription, will be then available to you at no additional cost! It is up to you, whether you decide to use all of those services, any or none of them. You will be charged only for the recording!

Example #2: you are looking for an ARRANGEMENT. This is our GOLD service within the third column. In this case, you will be given orchestration and music preparation services at no additional cost.