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All calculations and term availability searches are provided for free. By default, Capellen Musïc Production calculates its prices in CZK (Czech Koruna); calculations and payments in other currencies available on demand*.


In order to book an orchestra | choir and/or, to start an orchestration process, Capellen Musïc Production requests its clients to sign a booking confirmation and pay an initial deposit of 20% of the total costs.


All payments should be wired to the bank account not later than 3 weeks before the initial (first) session (or, term of due). Later payments may result in project cancellation. Method of payment: wire transfer.


late payments
project cancellation

changes in the recording term (after confirmation)
20% of the total costs; needs new confirmation and installment

project cancellation (after confirmation)
3 weeks before the first (initial) session: 20% of the total costs
less than 3 weeks: 75% of the total costs



Same customers will be given an extra 10% discount from the total costs on second and every next project within 3 months. With no time limit will be 10% discount granted to both new & existing customers of the price in excess of 20k per single project.