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Original orchestral | choral music for any purpose created on demand by world renowned composers.

CMP utilizes the exclusive services of composers for film, TV, media and advertizing. This way, CMP can accommodate almost any musical style and genre with an exceptionally fast turnaround.

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Q: I have a project I need original music. So, what is the process to get it?
A: Project description, wider demo reel, composers selection, mockups, approval - final scores/recording.

Q: What composers are you representing? Will I get in touch with the composer directly?
A: We do represent your composers from around the world. Your communication will always get thru CMP, as we do guarantee you the satisfaction. 

Q: What about "royalty payment"?
A: By default, CMP services come with BUY-OUT ROYALTIES.
This means, we will not charge you for later use, repeat performances, publishing, broadcasting etc. However, you are required to always give credit to the composer and CMP.

Q: Do I qualify for a discount when recording CMP's original composition thru CMP?
A: Absolutely!


Sample audio

The Earth From Height (orchestral)
Beethoven Fantasy (electronica)

Sample video

Demo reel

Sample score

The Earth From Height