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comparission chart
5M vs. HQ ALL-IN recordingS

Services 5M HQ
Capellen Orchestra | Choir N/A X
scoring stage of choice N/A X
concert venue od choice N/A O
HQ recording technology & team N/A X
"on demand" equipment N/A O
term of choice N/A X
session documentation (photo/video) O X
remote control via internet O X
orchestration | scoring O X
music preparation | copying O X
reading rehearsal (choir) O X
next day delivery O X
sound editing O X
commerical use (buy-out royalties) N/A X
bonus & discount programs N/A X
payment in foreign currencies N/A O
minimum booking time 1 hours 4 hours

X = included
O = optional (charged extra)
N/A = not applicable/available